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 Stop in today for "A Glimpse of the Philippines", 
including Christmas Parol, Books, Art and Filipino attire.

Enjoy traditional Filipino food and  baked goods with Catering Services, stop by our location in Jersey City, New JerseyEstablished in 1973 The Casa Victoria family has passionately served authentic Philippine cuisine including bakery products from our brick-lined oven; promoted books written about or published in the Philippines; offered cultural and patriotic items; and exhibited the original artworks of Filipino artists for over 35 years. Visit us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy a Combo Plate from our authentic turo-turo table. Ask for a copy our catering menu featuring a wide selection of festive foods that have graced many Filipino events like our famous Lechon, sumptuous Jamon de dulce, Baked or Steamed Siopao, Baked Empanada Pollo, Ensaymada, Spanish Bread and Brazo de Mercedes with delicious crème filling done in a double boiler, Fresh Lumpia Gulay with garlicky sauce, Bibingka Royale, freshly baked Hopia (Mungo, Buko Pandan, Baboy and Ube), and many more. We are proud to be a mainstay in the Jersey City Filipino community. All foods are prepared and cooked on our premises. We also carry Barong and Christmas Parol. Grab a glimpse of the Philippines at Casa Victoria today! Contact us: Tel. 201 216-1055, stop in or email casavictorianj@gmail.com


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